What Is Ambrowse

Ambrowse is a simple tool for creating apps for iPhone and Android. With just a web browser, and you can create your own app for your mobile users. In just a few minutes you can create your own app with your articles, photos, videos, embedded map or blog. You can create the content of apps directly, or by using your existing content that you already have available to your users on the Internet. Thanks to Ambrowse you create the apps right in front of your eyes and with a large selection of settings you can customize the entire app by yourself.

Then you just have to choose whether you want your app to be available for iPhone, Android, or both, and whether you want to charge for it or offer it for free.

Ambrowse can be used by everyone. You do not need to know how to program or pay software companies for expensive development to have your own mobile app. Just a few moments on your computer and with Ambrowse you can have your app ready today.

Why Create an App

a) The creation is very simple - the whole process is very intuitive, everything you create, you can see right on the screen, and you can edit it directly

b) Your app can be completed very quickly and easily -Thanks to our templates it can be created in just a few minutes

c) You do not need any programming skills - with the help of the graphical interface you can design an app, and based on that our system will create the app for you.

d) Get new customers and improve your image - everyone wants to be mobile today, you now have the opportunity to make your services available directly the mobile phones of your users and get the modern image that impresses customers and improves your services.

e) Make your existing content available on the Internet and always deliver up to date news - with the help of imports (RSS, XML, ...) you can insert current content into your app that will be always updated according to your sources.

f) Get a new revenue from the sale of your apps - if you have unique content, you can charge for your app and get the income from each download, you will specify the price all by yourself.

g) Get new revenue from ads - you can benefit from placing ad campaigns and displaying commercial banners in your app.

h) Save money and time - when creating apps through our system you do not need complicated development, and from our pricing packages you can get exactly what you need and for a great price.


a) All in one place - you can create an app in one place, test it, run it, get control of it, get the usage data, and you can straight away deploy an advertising campaign.

b) Design created according to your imagination - to create an app, you can select and edit any of our pre-designed templates, or create your own design entirely by yourself. With our editor, you have a wide range of possibilities to custom your app design.

c) Immediate control - when creating apps see the preview on your screen, you can also check the app on your phone.

d) Produce for all platforms at the same time - an app that you create with us is ready to run on all iPhone and Android equiped devices.

e) Rapid deployment of apps - once you create an app you can sent it directly to the Apple AppStore or Android Market for approval.

f) Reporting – our system can control daily usage of your apps, so you can have exact overview about how many users were using your app.

g) Ads – into you app can be inserted and ad code, which can help you to receive additional revenue from your apps.

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